Monday Quick Tip ~ Make Peace

Blessed are the peacemakers – Jesus, Matthew 5:9 We don’t have to look far to see the need for peace in our world.  Conflicts are ongoing in several parts of the world at this very moment. As leaders, we feel the conflicts closer to home, among our team members. I was reminded recently that sometimesContinue reading “Monday Quick Tip ~ Make Peace”

Monday Quick Tip ~ Get Mad, but Don’t Get Even

Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face. ~ 12th Century saying Has another leader ever ticked you off? I’ll go first. YES! It happened recently when I called the leader of another organization to ask for a little favor.  It was small in my mind, at least. His negative reaction caught me byContinue reading “Monday Quick Tip ~ Get Mad, but Don’t Get Even”

Monday Quick Tip ~ Stand for Something

A new week brings new opportunities to put our leadership values into practice.  Assuming, of course, that we are crystal clear about what we value. A quote from The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working by Tony Schwartz, Jean Gomes and Catherine McCarthy that resonates with us is, “A clearly defined sense of purpose ties ourContinue reading “Monday Quick Tip ~ Stand for Something”

Monday Quick Tip ~ Set the Pace

He who hesitates is lost.  Adapted from Joseph Addison’s play Cato (1712):”The woman that deliberates is lost.”  One of the most exhilarating experiences of my life was driving a race car around the Atlanta Motor Speedway in excess of 150 mph.  I was fortunate to take part in a morning session of the Richard Petty DrivingContinue reading “Monday Quick Tip ~ Set the Pace”

Monday Quick Tip – Count the Cost of Your Life

Every man is his own greatest enemy, and as it were his own executioner. — Sir Thomas Browne It all came together this week during my daily commute along a fast and busy highway.  One of those rare moments when the “university on wheels” curriculum matched what was going on outside of the car.  IContinue reading “Monday Quick Tip – Count the Cost of Your Life”

Monday Quick Tip ~ Don’t Take the Blame

“A poor workman always blames his tools.” As leaders we are in the business of making others successful.  I had a boss at General Electric who used to say, “Your success is my success.” His words were backed up by a commitment to meet with me regularly, coach me, guide me and make sure IContinue reading “Monday Quick Tip ~ Don’t Take the Blame”

Monday Quick Tip ~ Admit When You Don’t Know it All

Experience keeps a dear school, yet fools learn in no other. – Benjamin Franklin In almost every leadership position we hold there is a honeymoon period that allows us to get settled in and learn the lay of the land.  Very soon reality sets in and we realize there are challenges that are rising toContinue reading “Monday Quick Tip ~ Admit When You Don’t Know it All”

Monday Quick Tip ~ The One Who Laughs Lasts

Laughter is the best medicine Have you ever been a cranky leader? I have on too many occasions.  I’m currently going through a very busy season that only promises to get busier in the coming weeks.  I find myself with a bad attitude that is in need of some serious adjustment.  Here are some signsContinue reading “Monday Quick Tip ~ The One Who Laughs Lasts”

Monday Quick Tip ~ Flattery Will Get You Nowhere

As leaders we want to be liked.  We want people to follow us and have fun doing it.  But one of the perils of leadership is to be so emotionally needy of the adulation of our followers that we compromise our identity. We have people on our teams who will praise us excessively to theContinue reading “Monday Quick Tip ~ Flattery Will Get You Nowhere”

Monday Quick Tip ~ Live the Golden Rule

Do unto others, what you would have them do unto you – Jesus I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. ― Maya Angelou This quote from Maya Angelou has been running through my head a lot lately. Continue reading “Monday Quick Tip ~ Live the Golden Rule”

Monday Quick Tip ~ Shake and Stir for Best Results

A rolling stone gathers no moss. – Publilius Syrus, 1st century writer of Latin maxims In the organization I lead, we’ve been going through a time of assessment and transition.  My days have been filled with charts and graphs of income and expenditures. In my research, I’ve discovered the health of the organization is notContinue reading “Monday Quick Tip ~ Shake and Stir for Best Results”

Monday Quick Tip ~ Take Stock of What Matters

There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven…  A time to plant and a time to uproot.  Ecclesiastes 3:1, 2b My current leadership responsibilities include helping the organization I lead to take stock of how it is doing in light of the current reality.  To do that, we areContinue reading “Monday Quick Tip ~ Take Stock of What Matters”

Monday Quick Tip ~ We Are What We Think

The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts: therefore, guard accordingly, and take care that you entertain no notions unsuitable to virtue and reasonable nature. ~ Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor & Philosopher Our life is what our thoughts make it ~ Marcus Aurelius It’s true that garbage in leads to garbageContinue reading “Monday Quick Tip ~ We Are What We Think”

Monday Quick Tip ~ Don’t Become a Dull Person

Fans of writer Stephen King will remember one of his main characters in The Shining repeatedly typing the phrase, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”  It’s a phrase that serves as a good reminder to us in our “get to work” world. We struggle with “work-life” balance as leaders.  The peopleContinue reading “Monday Quick Tip ~ Don’t Become a Dull Person”

Monday Quick Tip ~ Silence is Golden

“Silence is golden and I want to be rich” was my teacher’s way of getting us 2nd graders to be quiet and listen.  The phrase, “silence is golden” has been around for centuries. Wise leaders know when to speak up and when to give their tongues a rest.  It is no secret that our mouthContinue reading “Monday Quick Tip ~ Silence is Golden”