Monday Quick Tip ~ Read, Lead and Succeed

A Review of The Heart of Leadership: Becoming a Leader People Want to Follow,by Mark Miller Mark Miller’s latest book, The Heart of Leadership: Becoming a Leader People Want to Follow is a short, simple yet powerful read.  It continues the story of Blake from one of Mark’s earlier books, Great Leaders Grow.  But youContinue reading “Monday Quick Tip ~ Read, Lead and Succeed”

Monday Quick Tip ~ Lead Yourself First

“He that is master of himself will soon be master of others.” A contemporary paraphrase of the above proverb is, “The person who leads himself or herself will lead others.”  Self-leadership is a must if we are going to lead others. My leadership has been heavily influenced in this area by one of my mentors,Continue reading “Monday Quick Tip ~ Lead Yourself First”

Monday Quick Tip ~ Find Your Song

Those who wish to sing, always find a song.  ~ Swedish Proverb As leaders we set the tone for the teams we lead.  If we have a negative, small, critical attitude, we will soon experience the same among our team members. A story I read years ago in Max Lucado’s book In the Eye ofContinue reading “Monday Quick Tip ~ Find Your Song”

Monday Quick Tip ~ Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Life Skill 101 advice for those of us who want to live a meaningful and profitable life is to “find a need and meet it.”  The world is full of opportunities brilliantly disguised as needs. Life is exciting when need meets creativity.  The old adage is true: Necessity is the mother of invention. One ofContinue reading “Monday Quick Tip ~ Necessity is the Mother of Invention”

Live Full to Die Empty

My Review of Die Empty: Unleash Your Best Work Every Day by Todd Henry A disclaimer is in order.  I have been a Todd Henry enthusiast since I read his first book, The Accidental Creative: How to be Brilliant at a Moment’s Notice.  His regular podcast is on my weekly “must listen to” list.  I was thrilled whenContinue reading “Live Full to Die Empty”

Monday Quick Tip ~ A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush

I am all for taking calculated risks and stretching beyond our current limits.  However, I’ve discovered that there are times when taking the safe, comfortable, and known path is best. The adage, “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” applies here.  It refers to falconry where the falcon resting on theContinue reading “Monday Quick Tip ~ A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush”

Monday Quick Tip ~ You Can’t Have it Both Ways

“When you come to a fork in the road, take it” – Yogi Berra Life is a lot like the television show, “Let’s Make a Deal.” Life forces us to make choices.  We can trade the benefits of one thing for the greater benefits of another. The wise leader knows when to trade one thingContinue reading “Monday Quick Tip ~ You Can’t Have it Both Ways”

Monday Quick Tip ~ Don’t Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch

I believe in being cautiously optimistic.  Good expectations and positive visions of the future are part of our make up as leaders.  We imagine the projects we oversee as successful long before anyone else does. For the most part, it’s a strength. But as with any strength, this can also be a weakness. It becomesContinue reading “Monday Quick Tip ~ Don’t Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch”

Monday Quick Tip ~ Don’t Cross the Bridge Until You Come to It

As leaders we are people of responsibility. We plan. We worry. We take risks. We think ahead. We try to stay at least one step ahead of our followers. I’ve discovered that my “futuristic” strength (See Strengths Finder 2.0 and Strengths Based Leadership by Tom Rath) has a downside in that I can sometimes imagineContinue reading “Monday Quick Tip ~ Don’t Cross the Bridge Until You Come to It”

Monday Quick Tip: Do it Well!

“If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well.” ~ English proverb This past weekend, I got to attend my first Renaissance Festival (  There were jousting demonstrations, comedy and danger shows and lots of opportunities for shopping.  One of the highlights for me was watching a glassblowing demonstration. The glassblower formed aContinue reading “Monday Quick Tip: Do it Well!”

Whew! That was Close: A Leadership Lesson from a Crash

Living within earshot of Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota, it is common to hear fighter jets roaring by overhead.  I’ve gotten used to it.  On Monday, August 19, 2013, Ellsworth was in the national spotlight when a B-1B Lancer Bomber crashed in southeastern Montana. Fortunately all four people, including the two pilots andContinue reading “Whew! That was Close: A Leadership Lesson from a Crash”

Monday Quick Tip: Live and Learn

You can’t miss the emphasis on back to school this time of year. Sale flyers scream deals on notebooks and pens.  Yellow school buses fill in the gaps on the highway.  Teacher’s Facebook posts proclaim their excitement for the upcoming year while students express their disappointment that summer is almost over.  Back to school isContinue reading “Monday Quick Tip: Live and Learn”

How to Lead Followers Who are Different from You

Leadership is about people. If we’ve led people well, they will follow us and feel good about it. They will sing our praises as a leader. I’ve become a regular listener of actor, Alec Baldwin’s entertaining and fascinating podcast, Here’s the Thing,  ( in which he interviews musicians, actors, celebrities, sports figures, authors and communityContinue reading “How to Lead Followers Who are Different from You”

Monday Quick Tip: Give Credit Where Credit is Due

This seems like common sense, but sometimes leaders get a “big head” and forget that there is no such thing as a solo leader. These types of bosses are “glory hogs” who act as if their team’s contributions don’t matter. When it comes time for praise or evaluations, they take credit for the good thingsContinue reading “Monday Quick Tip: Give Credit Where Credit is Due”

Be a Leader Worth Following

“Focus on getting better, before getting bigger.” – S.Truett Cathy, founder of Chick-fil-A restaurants. “If I stop learning, I stop leading.” – Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller in Great Leaders Grow: Becoming a Leader for Life Leadership titles don’t mean very much if the leader isn’t worth following. As leaders, we have a bias towardContinue reading “Be a Leader Worth Following”