Monday Quick Tip ~ Don’t Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth


Image courtesy of dan/

This week we’re celebrating another Thanksgiving holiday in the United States.  An attitude of gratitude is a positive leadership quality, not just during this week, but every week of the year.

Gratitude attracts, entitlement repels.

“Gift horses” come our way regularly if we have eyes to see them.  The phrase “gift horse” refers to being given a horse as a gift.  As horses get older, their gums recede, showing their age in their mouth.  Inspecting a horse’s teeth is considered ungrateful.

Often our team members, like the proverbial gift horse, come bearing presents.  Here are a few gifts they give to us leaders:

  • The power to influence them
  • Feedback about our leadership
  • Morale reports from fellow team members
  • Their trust
  • Their commitment
  • Their presence
  • Their respect
  • Their attention
  • Their best efforts

None of these gifts we receive are taken lightly.  They afford us the honor and privilege of leading.

What gifts have you been given as a leader?

What gifts do you recognize from your team members?

When they come your way this week just say thank you.


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